31 Day of May Activities (2024)

From outdoor adventures to artistic explorations, our May calendar is filled with fun activities all month long. Let's cultivate wonder, connection, and harmony as we engage in meaningful activities together.

31 Day of May Activities (1)

Let's Get Started

May1 -Gather Wildflowers for May Day

Celebrate May Day and gather fresh wildflowers to share.

May2 -Welcome Summer with Dancing

Welcome summer with bright, happy songs to lighten your day.

May3 -Make Nature Wands

A scavenging stick (or nature wand) is a stick that tells a story of your wild adventures. It is stick that allows all of the treasures you have found to be displayed and used for magic or storytelling. Maybe your stick can be the keeper of stories in the special fort you made out of the other sticks you’ve collected. Whatever you use it for, you can always add to your scavenging stick as each new treasure comes your way. Find the tutorial HERE.

May4 -Draw or Paint Outside

Enjoy the sun and bring your paint outside for a day of creativity and see what you can draw!

31 Day of May Activities (2)

May5 -Make Homemade Cards for Teachers

As the school year comes to an end, say goodbye to your teachers with a handmade card to show you care.

May6 -Make Your Own Puzzle

Have fun creating your own puzzle!

May7 -Churn Your Own Butter

Is there anything that tastes better than homemade butter? Churning butter is also a terrific activity for kids who will love the rewardof eating butter they've made themselves on freshly baked bread! Get our Butter Churn HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (3)

May8 -Hug a Friend or Family Member

Give a hug to family and friends today!

May 9 -Make a Mother's Day Wreath

Heed every moms time-honored advice and this year get her what she really wants - a homemade gift. Mother's Day is a time for celebration, but it can also be a tough holiday for many. Though this craft was intended for Mom, consider gifting it to anyone that could use a bit of love on this day. Find the Tutorial HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (4)

May10 -Decorate your Summer Nature Table

Have fun foraging on nature walks and collecting your favorite toys to decorate your summer tables! Don't forget to include a summer verse or two.

31 Day of May Activities (5)

May11 -Play Hopscotch

Bring out the chalk and have fun playing hopscotch. Get our chalk HERE.

May12 -Happy Mother's Day

Show Mom you care with a day all about her! Maybe breakfast in bed, handmade gifts, and just spending some quality time together.

May13 -Make Homemade Granola

Try your hand at making your own granola.

May14 -Visit a Library

Libraries are a lovely way to connect with the community and encourage an early love of learning and reading.

May15 -Make a Summer Fairy Potion

Ice potions are a fun and whimsical way to stay cool in the summer heat. Add a bit of sparkle and fizz to make these fairy ice potions atruly magical experience. Find the tutorial HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (6)

May16 -Give a Gift to a Neighbor

Show you care with a little gift for a neighbor! Maybe bring over some flowers, cookies, or a card.

May17 -Make a Summer Wish List

Plan out your summer with an activity wish list!Add ideas likeread 10 books, visit an aquarium, or visit a lake.

May18 -Volunteer at a Local Aid Center

Get involved with your local community and volunteer at an aid center to give back.

May19 -Bake a Seasonal Fruit Tart

Fruit is starting to bloomso it's time to make a seasonal tart with fresh picked berries for a delicious teatime snack.

May20 -Create a Pressed Flower Lantern

We absolutely love pressing our nature treasures throughout every season, it truly never gets old. It brings us closer to nature by incorporating them into our home and reminds us to appreciate the fleeting beauty each season brings. Find Bonnie's tutorial HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (7)

May21 -Read a New Book

Discover a new book to read. Looking for inspiration? Check out our book selection HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (8)

May22 -Knit Your Own Gnome Doll

Welcome a new woodland friend into the family with our knitted gnome tutorial. Find the tutorial HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (9)

May23 -Write a Poem About Flowers

Explore fields of wildflowers and write a poem inspired by the beauty of the blooms.

May24 -Weave Your Own Treasure Pouch

In Waldorf education’s artistic curriculum, handwork is essential. Handwork includes painting, knitting, weaving and many more practical and creative skills. Children will learn the ins and outs of weaving throughout their years at a Waldorf school, but weaving at home is just as fun and simple.Find the tutorial HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (10)

May25 -Give a Friend a Compliment

Make your friends day by offering a compliment. Maybe they have a cute outfit on, or a lovely smile, or they did an amazing drawing. Say something kind today!

May26 - Paint a Pint of Summer Strawberries

Spring planting brings summer's bounty, and we can't wait to harvest tasty vegetables and ripe fruits. Today our friendSunnyis teaching us how to make a picture-perfect pint of wooden strawberries. Display these cute berries on your nature table or use them for imaginary play! Find the tutorial HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (11)

May27 -Make Fruit Popsicles

Cool down from the summer heat with homemade popsicles! Have fun adding your fruits of choice for your own twist.

May28 -Learn the Pentatonic Scale

When it comes to music in Waldorf education, the pentatonic scale plays a vital part in nurturing and developing children’s imagination and creativity. Learn more HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (12)

May29 -Learn About Different Mushrooms

There are well over 14,000 mushrooms species! Take some time today to learn about a few and how these little miracles help the planet.

31 Day of May Activities (13)

May30-Decorate with DIY Flower Suncatchers

We love this sweet project from Sunny ofNorthwoodsfolkand we think it's the perfect kick-off to summer. With flowers and botanicals gathered from your own garden, a hike, or a trip to the farmers market- this craft is certainly perfect for Solstice! We love every little detail and we know you will too. Find the tutorial HERE.

31 Day of May Activities (14)

May31-Have an Outdoor Picnic

Enjoy the sunshine today and visit a local park for a fresh picnic in the sun. Don't forget to pack some fun outdoor toys to enjoy the open air!

31 Day of May Activities (15)

From all of us at the Bella Luna Toys Team, we hope you have many days filled with crafts, love, and fresh cups of tea! Tag us in yourMay adventures @bellalunatoys for a chance to be featured!

31 Day of May Activities (2024)
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