33+ Keto Sous Vide Recipes (2024)


Did you know: it’s easy to follow the keto diet with sous vide cooking! This list of a million (or so) keto sous vide recipes will help you streamline your meal plans and make nutritious, low carb healthy food that ticks all the boxes: is good for you, tastes delicious, and is easy and straightforward to prepare.

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Overview of cooking keto meals sous vide style

Meat is well-suited to sous vide cooking, but sous vide isn’t all about meat. Some of the best sous vide recipes for beginners involve only non-traditional ingredients—veggies, for instance, or eggs, or even shrimp and lobster. Almost all sous vide dishes can be prepared with just a little salt and pepper, and still have massive amounts of flavor.

FYI – at the end of this post is a free booklet you can pick up with some of my favorite recipes, too.

Alright, let’s dive in.

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Keto sous vide recipes for beginners

Making perfectly cooked low carb keto friendly dishes that are completely satisfying is a no-brainer with this technique. I’ve hand-picked some of my favs to get your mouth salivating…

Keto sous vide tri tip

You can follow this recipe for sous vide tri tip to make a wonderful meal to feed a small gathering. Although it’s a large hunk of meat, it cooks really quickly – in about 2.5 hours – with the sous vide machine.

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Keto chicken that’s sous vide cooked

When I’m asked for an easy make-ahead keto recipe, sous vide blackened chicken salad is one that often comes to mind. The seasoned chicken is cooked in the sous vide machine for 60 minutes, seared, and diced, then mixed with sour cream, Greek yogurt, and a selection of veggies. See how to make sous vide chicken breast tenders for a step by step recipe video.

The finished salad is chilled in the fridge and can be pulled out for a convenient lunch or midsummer picnic when you need something to sous vide for large groups and want a recipe that only takes short periods of time.

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Keto sous vide breakfast recipes

Keto sous vide egg bites

When I first started looking into the keto diet, I was curious: are sous vide egg bites a good breakfast option??

Assuming you only use keto-friendly mix-ins, then, yes they are! And that’s great news, because they’re easy to make ahead for meal prep. Which is why sous vide egg bites are a go-to breakfast at my house. Sometimes I’ll do just egg whites, but usually I use the whole egg.

My version of keto friendly egg bites are just like the famous Starbucks egg butes, except that, being made at home with your choice of ingredients and freshness, they’re even healthier. Instead of regular milk, which has lactose (and is non-keto friendly), try cream or almond milk.

If you couldn’t tell, I’ll go on and on about egg bites if you let me, so let me some it up with this… I love love love to make these in bulk, then pull them out for breakfasts throughout the week.With this recipe, you don’t even have to fiddle with a vacuum seal: the egg bites cook in little mason jars that give them their trademark shape.(Check the links at the bottom of this post for my favorite mason jars for sous vide cooking.)

Sous vide sausage

Another easy sous vide keto recipe for beginners—one which happens to go very well with those egg bites—is sous vide herby sausage breakfast patties. All you do is mix the pork, seasonings, and an egg, give it all a brief chill, and form three 1-inch thick patties.

These get vacuum sealed in a flat layer, cooked in the sous vide water bath, and then, just before serving, seared 2 minutes in a cast iron pan till they are crisp and brown.

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Sous vide keto bacon

If you’re under the belief that there’s no way bacon can get any better, this recipe is for you. Overnight sous vide bacon is so tender and delicious, you have to try it.

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Sous vide keto meals for lunch

All of these recipes below are in the cookbook, and links are included where you can find these and similar sous vide recipes on Sip Bite Go.

Keto friendly sous vide fish recipes

The vacuum-seal precision cooking that is the trademark of the sous vide method means that sous vide fish never turns out dry or overcooked: it comes out of that vacuum bag moist, flaky, and full of flavor. Two of my favorite sous vide keto fish recipes are cod with olive butter spread and salmon.

Cod cooks at 130ºF for 30 minutes, and salmon does best with a slightly lower temperature and longer cooking time: 125ºF for 45 minutes.

Other sous vide seafood recipes that can be tailored to the keto diet include sous vide lobster tails and sous vide shrimp kebabs.

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Keto diet friendly sous vide chicken thighs

Chicken thighs need a four hour cook time to reach perfection. The crispy deliciousness of sous vide boneless chicken thighs is not to be missed. Serve over a bed of greens or dice them up for sous vide lettuce wraps (my favorite grain free wrapper for proteins).

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Keto sous vide dinner recipe ideas

All of these sous vide keto recipes for dinner can be found either in my sous vide recipe index or in the newsous vide cookbook. Sip Bite Go has become a wonderful first-resource for anyone just dipping their toes into cooking sous vide: I’ve got some basic introductory information, like this article on sous vide for beginners, and I’ve also got a wonderful collection of easy to follow recipes that will have you up to speed on your new kitchen gadget in no time. Let’s go…

Sous vide meatloaf

Sous vide bacon wrapped meatloaf always turns out juicy and flavorful, especially when made with 20% fat ground beef. One thing I’ve been doing lately is replacing bread crumbs for recipes like meatloaf with cauliflower rice. When using the sous vide method to cook meatloaf, I cook it for five hours at 145ºF, then finish in the broiler for 5-10 minutes.

Also see this smoked meatloaf recipe…

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Short ribs sous vide style

Short ribs make another delicious keto dinner. When I make sous vide beef short ribs with peppercorn sauce I’ll let them cook 24 hours—you can let them stew in their vacuum seal bags for as long as 48, but I never have the patience to wait that long.Cream gets the OK as a “healthy fat” on the ketogenic diet, so the sauce is fair game, too (my version doesn’t use liquor).

I love short ribs cooked this way, that I have multiple favorite recipes. Make a big batch of these sous vide short ribs (skip the wine in this particular recipe), then shred and refrigerate any leftover meat for lunch the next day… lettuce wraps are a perfect vessel to bring them to your mouth.

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Keto pork sous vide style

For a final sous vide keto recipe, consider ground pork sous vide lettuce wraps. The ground pork is cooked in the sous vide water bath with garlic, ginger, and salt, then served with lettuce, shredded carrots, diced red onions, and home made soy Sriracha sauce.

You can also make sous vide pulled pork and sous vide boston butt.

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Keto sous vide vegetable side dishes

Keto sous vide asparagus

If you can’t get enough of green vegetables on the ketogenic diet, you have to try keto friendly sous vide asparagus. Serve them with high fats for keto, like nuts, oils, or even diced avocado. See this overview on how to vacuum seal asparagus to help you with a little sous vide meal prep for them, too.

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Sous vide Brussel sprouts

Root veggies like sous vide beets and sugary sous vide corn on the cob are off the keto list… but what about the green veggies we all love — can you eat Brussel sprouts on keto? Yes – it is true — if you love this green vegetable in particular, you’ll be happy to know Brussels sprouts get an A+ for being a low carb ketodiet vegetable.

So the next question is: can you sous vide ’em? Yes again! Brussel sprouts are another vegetable that is well suited to the sous vide machine, and I’ll often make balsamic Brussel sprouts to complement a steak or other sous vide protein. Now, you’ll need to skip add-ons to make them keto-friendly, but the basic steps of these sous vide Brussel sprouts are cooked with garlic, salt, and butter, make them perfectly friendly for this diet.

Want a little something heartier to serve with your sous vide main dish? Ready in under an hour, this delicious and keto-friendly baked feta with peppers without pasta is filled with onions and spaghetti squash.

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Ways to finish sous vide meals

Keto sous meals can be finished a variety of different ways. My favorite go-tos are a little oil and the heat of the grill, broiler, or cast iron frying pan. High heat provides that quick sudden burst of heat that gives sous vide food a crisp, browned exterior.

These sous vide boneless pork chops, sous vide burgers, and this sous vide porterhouse steak recipe are perfect examples of the tasty ways to utilize the cast iron skillet for finishing keto friendly sous vide meals. Minus the sugary BBQ sauce, this sous vide pulled pork recipe is fantastic, too.

Each recipe will give details on the recommended way to finish that particular dish, but you should always feel free to experiment with broiling and grilling to change up your finishes!

Keto sous vide desserts

Keto sous vide cheesecake

Keto dieters love their keto fat bombs and finding ways to enjoy desserts. To enjoy cooking this way for desserts, try keto friendly sous vide cheesecakes.

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Sous viding frozen keto meals

It’s easy to sous vide from frozen. That’s one of the reasons it’s so easy to meal plan when you’re doing sous vide, and one of the many reasons why sous vide is popular. You can season before vacuum sealing meat, freeze it, then cook from frozen.

If you’re working with frozen food, follow the recipe as written but extend the sous vide cook time. For sous vide frozen steak like this sous vide ribeye from frozen, plan on cooking in the sous vide water bath for an extra hour.

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More sous vide cooking

Here on Sip Bite Go, you’ll find everything from sous vide breakfast recipes to holiday meals like sous vide rack of lamb and sous vide prime rib. If you’ve got an ipad in the kitchen, there’s nothing easier than pulling up a recipe and following it step-by-step.

If you’re digging the collection of sous vide recipes on the website, you’ll be even more excited about the sous vide cookbook. I had such fun testing the recipes for this cookbook, and when you go through it, you’ll be able to tell—it’s a collection of favorites, each easy-to-make and certain to turn out delicious.

The Perfect Sous Vide Setup

Everyday I’m asked, “what do you need to sous vide food?”. Here’s my answer.

  1. A sous vide machine.
    Option 1: “stick” models like the Joule, Anova, or Instant Pot Slim.
    Option 2: “multipot” models like the SousPreme or InstantPot Duo Evo Plus.
  2. Sous vide container.
    If using a sous vide “stick” model, you need something to hold the water the food cooks in, like a bucket or stockpot.
  3. Bags to cook sous vide food.
    Keep it simple and sous vide in ziplock gallon bags, or get fancy like me with a vacuum sealer setup.
  4. Nice-to-have accessories for sous vide cooking.
    Sous vide weights to hold down food that floats.
    Mini mason jars for desserts and sous vide egg bites.
    Cast iron skillet to sear sous vide steaks to finish them.
  5. My sous vide cookbook with 100+ recipes.

Try a new sous vide recipe…

  • Sous vide salmon
  • Sous vide frozen steak
  • See how long to sous vide chicken
  • Learn how to sous vide frozen chicken breast
  • Sous vide chicken wings
  • Sous vide chicken breast tenders
  • Sous vide pork chops
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For a comprehensive look at sous vide, get your own personal copy of The Home Chef’s Sous Vide Cookbook.

More for foodies

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My latest sous vide recipe videos are up on the Sip Bite Go channel, and you’ll find both detailed tutorials and more general information-sharing there.

33+ Keto Sous Vide Recipes (2024)
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