50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (2024)

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes that you’ll want to make again and again.

In this post, you’ll find mouthwatering Whole30 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These meals will help keep you on track!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (1)

I have to say, when I set out to find the most amazingly delicious Whole 30 recipes, I was not expecting to find such mouthwatering recipes and photos. The key to deliciousness is a fantastic combination of spices.

Many of my readers strive to follow a Whole30 diet, and I recently read and loved the book. My sister, Tami, lives and breathes by it during the week. So, while I may not follow it strictly as a diet, I appreciate the approach, and I’ve been inspired to cut out much of the sugar in my diet and eat more protein and veggies.

Recently, I spent quite a bit of time researching and found 50 recipes that I know my family will love, and I’m guessing your family will, too. Whether following Whole30 or not, you’ll agree these are delicious recipes. You might want to make a list – so many to try!

What is the Whole30 diet?

  • The Whole30 diet is eating real food, meaning foods with very few ingredients or that don’t have a list of ingredients because they are whole and not processed.
  • Think moderate portions of meat, seafood, and eggs; lots of vegetables; some fruit; plenty of natural fats; and fresh herbs, spices, and seasonings.
  • It also includes the removal of inflammatory foods and beverages in your diet, for example, sugars, sweeteners, alcohol, grains, legumes, dairy, baked goods, and, of course, junk food.
  • Typically you prep three “clean” meals a day, made with Whole30-approved ingredients.

What Can You Eat on the Whole30 diet?

  • Coffee
  • Vegetables including potatoes
  • Fruits in moderation
  • Unprocessed Meats – some sausages are still okay; check for added sugar and off-limit preservatives.
  • Seafood
  • Eggs
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Some cooking oils and ghee.

My Favorite Cooking Tools to use for Whole30 Recipes

These are my go-to tools in the kitchen and are perfect for preparing your favorite Whole30 recipes!

This post may contain affiliate links. See myFull Disclosurefor further details.

  • Mixing Bowls:I love having a variety of sizes of mixing bowls. From small to large, I find that having at least 3 bowls of different sizes has been essential in my kitchen. I prefer Pyrex because of its durability.
  • Measuring Cups:Nothing beats a good set of measuring cups that last a long time. I love metal measuring cups because of their durability.
  • Measuring Spoons: I have to have a metal set of measuring spoons on hand. The plastic ones don’t last long in our house, partly due to the garbage disposal.

Short on Time? Save these Whole30 Recipes for later.

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If you’re working on your Whole30 recipes to add to your meal plan, I hope you’ve found some recipes to try in this list! Enjoy! XOXO San

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (2)

Whole30 Recipes You Will Love

*DISCLAIMER* I searched for these recipes on Google or friends’ blogs. Please review the ingredients to make sure the recipes fit your diet, and if you are on the Whole 30 plan, make sure that these recipes all follow that. I have not done any additional research to make sure that every recipe below exactly follows the Whole 30 diet.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (3)

INSTANT POT GARLICKY CUBAN PORK – You will love this easy Instant Pot shredded chicken! It’s flavored with Cuban seasonings and can be served over cauliflower rice, in tortillas, or added to salads for a delicious meal.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (4)GRILLED SALMON WITH MANGO SALSA – This is a fast recipe that takes just ten minutes to prep and 15 minutes to cook. The combination of salmon with fresh mango salsa is perfect.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (5)

GARLIC LIME SHRIMP with CAULIFLOWER PURÉE – This dish is proof that a Whole 30 meal can be delicious and beautiful. This would be a wonderful dinner for a special occasion.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (6)

INSTANT POT CHICKEN CACCIATORE – Here is another recipe that is a snap to make in your Instant Pot. It’s a hearty Italian chicken dish with tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (7)

AVOCADO SWEET POTATO HASH – This Whole 30 breakfast recipe is full of veggies with eggs. You’ll look forward to starting your day with this delicious dish!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (8)

PALEO EGGS IN HELL – This classic Italian egg dish only needs six ingredients and is ready in 15 minutes. If you love a lot heat you will love it!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (9)

ONE POT LEMON CHICKEN AND ASPARAGUS – This is a complete meal in a skillet that is full of fresh flavors. Chicken, asparagus, and lemon is such a wonderful combination.

ROASTED LEMON CHICKEN WITH POTATOES AND ROSEMARY – This is a one-pan chicken recipe with potatoes that is baked in the oven. You will love this easy prep, easy clean-up dinner.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (11)

GRILLED SALMON WITH AVOCADO SALSA – Spiced-rubbed salmon with creamy avocado salsa is a healthy and light way to stay on track with your Whole 30.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (12)

SHEET PAN FAJITAS – Make a whole batch of delicious fajitas with chicken and bell peppers in the oven on a single sheet pan in your oven. You won’t miss your favorite restaurant version when you make these chicken fajitas.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (13)

HEARTY VEGETABLE SOUP – Craving a cozy bowl of soup? This one is loaded with vegetables and is also gluten-free, paleo and Whole30 approved.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (14)

PROSCIUTTO WRAPPED PORK TENDERLOIN – This pork tenderloin might look fancy, but it’s very easy to make. And it has bacon so you know it’s delicious!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (15)

SCALLOP & PEPPER ANTIPASTI SALAD – Gorgeous plump seared scallops with sunflower sprouts, roasted garlic and peppers is an effortless meal that is not only tasty but beautiful, too.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (16)

CAJUN SHRIMP LETTUCE WRAPS – These shrimp lettuce wraps are a healthier alternative for sandwiches and wraps. They’re light and full of flavor.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (17)

EGGS IN NESTS – This is such a fun way to switch up breakfast. Plus, these little egg nests are great for the kids, too!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (18)

SMOKED SALMON EGG BAKE RECIPE – This breakfast bake has lots of protein to get you ready to start your day!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (19)

ZUCCHINI NOODLES WITH EVERYTHING PESTO AND FRIED EGGS – I love zucchini noodles and topping them with a fried egg is a really easy way to have meatless meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (20)

PROSCIUTTO-WRAPPED MINI FRITTATA MUFFINS – If you want a portable, veggie-packed breakfast with spinach and tomatoes, try these mini frittata muffins. They look like a delicious way to start the day or if you like meal prepping, make a batch for easy breakfasts all week.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (21)

FIVE INGREDIENT ONE-PAN TUSCAN PORK LOIN – You only need five ingredients to make this easy one-pan pork loin dish. It’s family-friendly and perfect for weeknights.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (22)

SLOPPY JOES – You will love this classic comfort food! You’d never guess these homemade sloppy joes are Whole 30 compliant. Plus, the leftovers are great!

INSTANT POT CHICKEN FAJITA SOUP – Make this hearty soup in your slow cooker or Instant Pot. It’s perfect for lunch or dinner!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (24)

SHRIMP CEVICHE WITH FRUITY SALSA – This Whole 30 ceviche recipe is bursting with fresh flavors and is a must-make summer dish.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (25)

PIZZA SOUP – If you’re missing pizza this soup might just cure the craving and keep you on track.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (26)

COPYCAT CASHEW COOKIE LARABARS – Make a batch of these Whole 30 approved for your after-workout snacks or anytime you need a treat.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (27)

ZOODLES WITH SHRIMP AND TOMATOES – This just looks like summer on a plate with all of the fresh zucchini noodles and tomatoes. Add some juicy shrimp and you get a filling and healthy dinner.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (28)

BAKED SWEET POTATOES WITH ARUGULA, SMOKED SALMON AND POACHED EGGS – Potatoes stuffed with smoked salmon, fresh greens and topped with a poached egg is a dressed-up way to enjoy a baked potato.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (29)

ROASTED CHICKEN BREAST – Once you try this chicken recipe you’ll make it all the time for dinner or use it to make chicken salad for lunch. Tender roasted chicken is always so delicious.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (30)

BRUSSELS SPROUTS AND SAUSAGE PARSNIPS SPIRALIZED PASTA – You already know about zucchini noodles but have you ever spiralized Brussels sprouts? I think you’ll want to all the time after you try this hearty fall dish.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (31)

30 MINUTE CHICKEN PUTTANESCA – I think you will love this easy one-skillet chicken recipe! Tomatoes, basil, olives, and garlic create a flavorful sauce for the chicken and it’s ready in 30 minutes.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (32)

SMOKY ZUCCHINI ROLL-UPS WITH ALMOND CREAM – These are not your ordinary zucchini roll-ups. In this dish, thin-sliced zucchini is rolled up with almond cream and topped with a smoky tomato sauce. So creative and so delicious.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (33)

SLOW COOKER MOCHA-RUBBED POT ROAST RECIPE – I love a great slow cooker meal and this tender pot roast looks absolutely divine.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (34)

SALMON, SWEET POTATO & AVOCADO KALE SALAD – Salads won’t be as boring with this veggie-loaded salad with a tangy balsamic dressing.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (35)

EASY SLOW ROASTED CARNITAS – Your tacos won’t ever be the same once you try this amazing pork carnitas recipe. Or, serve the tender shredded pork with rice or in a salad.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (36)

CREAMY CHICKEN NOODLE – Going Whole 30 doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite comfort food. This chicken “noodle” soup with carrots, onions, and celery will satisfy your craving and keep you on track.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (37)

PALEO SAUSAGE EGG MCMUFFIN – Missing your favorite drive-through breakfast? This McMuffin is a healthy version of that popular breakfast sandwich.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (38)

HERB PARSNIP FRIES – Crispy parsnip fries are easy to make and a great healthy substitute for French fries.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (39)

THAI BREAKFAST BOWL – Enjoy this hearty salad for breakfast or for lunch. It has a variety of colors, flavors, and texture to start your day right! Plus, the creamy cashew dressing just sounds delicious!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (40)

BLT BREAKFAST SALAD – Take a classic BLT sandwich, give it a Whole 30 twist and serve it up as a salad. Sounds so good, right?

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (41)

SLOW-COOKED BOLOGNESE SAUCE WITH SWEET POTATO SPAGHETTI – Make sweet potato “noodles”, top them with a rich vegetable bolognese and you get a comfort food dish you’ll want to make on repeat.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (42)

ROSEMARY MEATBALLS WITH DIJON COLLARD GREENS & APRICOTS – Just love the combination of flavors in this recipe! The greens with the fruit and meatballs to finish it off looks like an amazing dinner.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (43)

CARROT CAKE SMOOTHIE – This creative smoothie is inspired by carrot cake but you can have it for breakfast, it’s gluten-free, and it’s a healthy Whole 30 recipe that tastes amazing.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (44)

PALEO MACADAMIA NUT CRUSTED CHICKEN – Crispy chicken with no heavy flour-based bread or deep-frying needed. Don’t forget the honey-mustard sauce to go on the side.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (45)

CHICKEN AVOCADO BURGER – These healthy chicken burgers are a delicious way to get your protein!

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (46)

PALEO GARLIC PARMESAN ZUCCHINI FRIES – If you’re looking for great side dishes, swap the French fries for these delicious zucchini fries instead. They’re easy to make and will go with so many main dishes.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (47)

ZESTY CHICKEN BITES – I think my kids would love these healthy chicken nuggets! Tender chicken bites coated in a seasoned almond flour coating looks like a fun family-friendly dinner.

50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (48)

TACO SEASONING – You don’t have to give up taco night on Whole 30. Just make this taco seasoning for your ground beef and you’ll stay on track.

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50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (49)
50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (50)
50 of the Best Whole30 Recipes (2024)
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