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And just like that, we’ve reached the end of Season 2 of the “Sex and the City” revival series.

The “And Just Like That...” season finale had a few big moments: Fans finally got a glimpse of Samantha Jones (Kim Cattrall), witnessed a very confusing conversation between Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Aidan (John Corbett), and at last, got the Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Steve (David Eigenberg) closure we all deserved.

It’s been an 11-episode roller coaster for the series, with plenty of highs (callbacks to “SATC,” more sex and some great guest-stars) and a bunch of lows (too much mean Che Diaz, some nonsensical storylines for a few characters, way too many kid scenes, and not enough development for a few new additions to the SATC universe).


But dare we say it, HuffPost reporters and editors who live-blogged the entire season largely felt like the show had vastly improved since its first season. Executive producer Michael Patrick King and his team of writers were able to capture the essence of the original series, helping many OG fans come around to the fact that Carrie and her crew had grown and welcomed new people into their worlds. It’s no wonder the series was just renewed for a third season.

TV and film writers and actors, including those who worked on “And Just Like That,” are currently on strike over fair pay and working conditions in the streaming era.

HuffPost editors and reporters chatted about the finale. Stay tuned for updates.

“And Just Like That...” streams on Max.

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This Carrie-Aiden Conversation On 'AJLT' Was Downright Confusing — And Stupid

I … almost have no words for this. At first, I was excited because he finally got over his fear of going back into her apartment. Then the let’s sit and talk moment immediately made me nervous. But I’m confused about what Aidan actually thinks is going to happen now. Is he just not going to visit Carrie in the next five years? Is she still with him, technically? I would have rather they just had a clean breakup. This felt messy and open-ended and stupid to me. And I say this as someone who wanted this to work between them! I need the writers to get a grip on this. — Erin

Yeah, I’m just as confused as you are. Like, will they see other people? Or maybe they’ll talk about that later. I guess we’ll find out in Season 3?
The one silver lining of all of this: I’m glad Carrie and Seema got their beach trip after all. There are few more fitting ways to end a season of this franchise than drinking Cosmos in Greece. — Marina

I’m glad I’m not the only one who is wildly confused about what that was. I got whiplash watching Aidan basically dump Carrie then witnessing a bunch of steamy sex scenes between them immediately after. Aidan’s explanation about why they couldn’t see each other didn’t make a lot of sense to me, either. Wyatt might show up at the farm during his mom’s time with him, so he has to always be there? I feel like the writers just wanted to stir up some drama between them, so they gave us this nonsensical mess.

And one last question: Who is watching Shoe while Carrie’s in Greece? I’m thinking Che or Lisette, but I’d love for it to be Miranda, the series’ OG cat lady. — Lydia

I think this was definitely about guilt for Aidan, which I think is understandable, but I really was rooting for them. I just knew it was all too good to be true.

The conversation was definitely confusing, because at first I was like, “Where exactly is this going?” To me, this seems like a breakup, and that they will be dating other people. I would be surprised if they weren't (and I would think it’s silly to not — five years is a long time!) — Taiyler

Sigh. I had my teeth and fists clenched in frustration through this entire scene. I felt Aidan’s reasoning for not relocating to New York was completely valid, but … what’s with this absurd five-year plan he’s proposing? Does he really expect Carrie to hang in there for five years with zero contact? And what’s the issue with Carrie visiting Virginia on occasion, if she’s willing to do that?

I didn’t understand any of it, and frankly it just doesn’t seem worth it for Carrie to wait around for him, no matter how good their relationship has been this time around. I agree that we all know that trouble of some sort was in the cards for these two, but this seemed like the worst possible way for them to end things. But as you said, Marina, it was the perfect segue to Carrie and Seema’s long-overdue beach trip! There’s the silver lining. — Curtis

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Anthony's Anal Sex Question On 'AJLT' Was A Great Throwback To The Original Series

I might have cheered when Giuseppe initially said he was going back to Rome. I’m not invested enough into this relationship to see it continue on. However, I did think Anthony realizing he needed to let go of trying to control everything was a powerful thing. — Erin

I get it, Giuseppe. The publishing industry is notoriously hard to break into!
But yeah, in all seriousness, Anthony has often been the comic relief, both here and in the original series — often to great effect. Who doesn’t love a good Anthony one-liner? But this was a real moment of vulnerability for him, and I’m glad he got to have that. — Marina

I chuckled at the start of the episode, when Anthony came to Charlotte to ask her advice on anal sex. It was a great throwback to a classic moment from the premiere season of the original series, when Charlotte was worried about being branded the “up-the-butt girl” if she did the deed with her boyfriend. Like Erin, I haven’t been especially invested in Anthony and Giuseppe’s relationship, but I will say their arc in this episode warmed me up to them a bit as a couple. I also loved that Anthony relented, despite how uncomfortable he looked in the final sex montage. — Curtis

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It Seems Like Miranda Has Finally Got It Together On 'And Just Like That'

I called it. Even with just that short interaction last week, I knew we’d see Joy and Miranda connect again. Shoutout to Miranda for killing it on the BBC, and then getting what seemed like a first date out of it. — Erin

Between killing it at her job, reconciling with Steve, and her and Che agreeing their relationship was a train wreck, Miranda is doing so much better emotionally. I have high hopes that this sets her up for a more healthy relationship with Joy. — Marina

I’m so glad this season ended on a high note for Miranda. She got to a place of laughing with Che about their relationship, she mended things with Steve, she had a big work win, and she had an exciting night out with a new lady. Her admission a few episodes back about being a “sexually confused alcoholic who's in the midst of a divorce” felt like a reset for her (and was also one of the best lines of the season). Miranda is moving forward, even with some big question marks in her life, and is totally fine with that. Go, Miranda. — Lydia

Seeing Miranda back in her element personally and professionally was just so great. I loved the glimpse at her tattoo, which I’d honestly forgotten about until then, as a subtle reminder of how much she has evolved even as she steps back into her career. — Curtis


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Seema Refused To Make The Same Mistake That Carrie Did In The Original Series

Seema looked incredible at the dinner party! Ever since y’all said Seema has some of Samantha’s characteristics around intimacy and relationships, I haven’t stopped thinking about it. Her fears around Ravi make complete sense to me now. And I’m glad Carrie pulled her aside to address it. I hope Seema and Ravi find their footing next season. More! Steamy! Sex! Scenes! — Erin

Ravi asking her if she wanted to move with him while he goes to shoot this Marvel movie reminded me of the final season of the original series. Remember when Carrie quit her job and packed up her entire life to move to Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov)? (I am contractually obligated to say: “You are … comic?”) I’m glad Seema did not make the same mistake and put her foot down: “I’m not giving up my career, and this person that I’ve worked so hard to become, for a man. Full stop.”

I also cannot get over Ravi being unable to shut off his phone. I get he’s a big-shot Marvel director. But, my dude, what could possibly be so urgent that you can’t wait a second and enjoy a meal from a Michelin-starred chef? — Marina

I totally agree with you, Marina. How is it Ravi couldn’t shut off his phone, even just for an hour? I’m thrilled that Seema has a love interest who seems smitten with her in moments, but her apprehension given Ravi’s preoccupation with work was completely justified. It seemed she got her message across to him by the end of the episode, and their resolution felt a lot more manageable than Carrie and Aidan’s, so I’m hopeful this won’t be the last we see of this coupling. — Curtis

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The 'And Just Like That' Writers Answered Our Endless Calls To Bring Back One Character

Finally, the writers listened to my endless calls to bring back Gary Dourdan. The man has been fine forever! I hope next season we get a bunch of hot scenes between the two of them. Steamy! Sex! Scenes! Please! — Erin

You called it! This was great. I wrote in my notes, “GET IT, NYA!” in all caps. That’s it, that’s the tweet. We love this for her. — Marina

My first thought about Gary Dourdan’s return was how excited Erin must be! His chemistry with Nya is electric, and making him the Michelin-starred chef was an unexpected twist. — Lydia

Yes, chef! Nya has felt underwritten for most of this season, so I’m glad they seem to have beefed up her storylines in the latter half. Can’t wait to see more of these two together! — Curtis

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Lisa And Herbert Finally Get Real On 'And Just Like That'

I’m glad they talked about the miscarriage this episode. Even though it was just the next night, I thought the writers might just move on from it (even though that would not have made sense). I can only imagine the guilt Lisa must have felt after talking about her concerns about having another baby. That felt like a truly real moment for me, unlike some of the other storylines around Lisa and Herbert’s relationship this season. — Erin

At first, I was a little concerned that it might come across as suggesting it’s not OK for someone to have doubts about an unplanned pregnancy, thinking of last week’s bizarre handling of their abortion conversation. But their later conversation in the bathroom assuaged that for me. — Marina


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Carrie Is So Shady To Miranda On 'AJLT' — And There Are 2 Possible Reasons Why

I still don’t love that Carrie still had Che come to the dinner party. Like, you are not going to talk about my bestie and then still hang with all of us at an intimate dinner. Ew. I also hated that Che still said they thought the jokes were actually funny. Che is an unserious comedian and I would like them to be removed from this whole narrative. — Erin

Lol, I wrote in my notes: “Che thought those jokes were funny?!”

I get that narratively, the writers needed a way to get the whole ensemble in one place. But yeah, story purposes aside, it seems unfathomable that you’d invite someone who publicly disrespected one of your best friends.

Low bar, I know, but it was good to see Miranda and Che finally get on the same page about their train wreck of a relationship. — Marina

I sometimes wonder if Carrie is being shady to Miranda because 1) she hooked up with Che in Carrie’s apartment when she was supposed to be taking care of her post-surgery (forcing Carrie to pee in a Diet Peach Snapple bottle), and because 2) Miranda questioned whether Carrie was moving too fast with Aidan … after Miranda exploded her whole life and career to follow Che and their ill-fated pilot to Los Angeles. — Lydia

I know that Carrie and Che had their own friendship outside of Miranda, but I totally agree that it was shady and inconsiderate to invite Che to the dinner after that horrendous set.

In one of the previous episodes, Nya and Miranda had a conversation about Miranda cutting off her exes; and while Nya thought that was a strength, Miranda clearly didn’t like to hear it. So I guess that motivated her to want to be pleasant with Che at the dinner party. However, I probably would have found it even more believable if Miranda had voiced an issue about Che’s invite given the literal public humiliation they put her through.

But, thankfully, they were both able to acknowledge their relationship was a mess. — Taiyler

I’m echoing what all of you have said already, but … Carrie should NOT have invited Che to this dinner party after last week’s mess, and her friendship with Miranda should have taken precedence. If there’s any path forward for Che on this series, things had to be smoothed over between them and Miranda, even if it didn’t carry the same dramatic heft that Miranda’s truce with Steve did. — Curtis

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One Friendship On 'AJLT' Deserved More Airtime

I love Nya and Miranda’s friendship. They have a genuine rapport that makes them actually feel like friends, and I wish the season showed more of that, especially now that they’re living together. I felt like Nya was short-changed all season with her storyline, so it was nice to see her get this huge accolade in the finale, but I’m hoping in the third season that we actually dive deeper into her life post-divorce. — Erin

Agreed, this was such a great moment and a huge win for Nya! I hope it bodes well for next season. It was also a lovely moment of vulnerability and really endearing to see her admit to Miranda that she misses having a man in her life, someone with whom she can celebrate her many accomplishments.

Also, I loved seeing Broadway legend André De Shields as her boss. — Marina
I agree, Marina, it was a raw and relatable moment when Nya said she wants someone to celebrate with. Sometimes big gains in one part of your life, like Nya’s election to the American Law Institute, can amplify the pain around parts that feel empty. That can be a hard thing to say out loud, but the writers did it beautifully. — Lydia

The truth is that I just love seeing Nya on my screen, but I agree that her friendship with Miranda is very sweet and deserves more airtime.

It was so real to see Nya experience having a good thing while battling the idea of not having a love interest to share it with. It was also just as good to see Miranda persuade Nya to still attend the “Last Supper” with those two words (“Michelin chef”) after hearing what Nya had to say. — Taiyler

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Charlotte Gave Us The Energy We've Been Waiting For On 'AJLT'

This two-episode arc of Charlotte getting Harry together about his contributions to the family while she gets back to work has been phenomenal. We needed this energy from Charlotte way earlier in the season. — Erin

Tell him, Charlotte! But just no more throwing your phone into a pitcher of margaritas. I am still chuckling at Curtis astutely pointing out last week that no one does this, except for characters on TV.

Also, points to Harry for immediately braving the Apple Store to get her a new phone. — Marina

It was so good to see Charlotte this way! I know scenes like this can sometimes feel performative, but I definitely enjoyed this one given the way Charlotte’s storyline has primarily been centered around her kids.

Oh — and the nerve of that man to get fed up so quickly, he needed Charlotte to talk some sense into him. — Taiyler

Charlotte’s initial apprehensions about returning to work, as seen earlier this season, make total sense now. Though we’ve been primed to view Harry as an ideal man throughout the original series, the movies and (most of) the revival, it’s refreshing to see that he, too, needs to reprioritize. Kudos to Charlotte for being assertive and putting her foot down! — Curtis


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Carrie Officially Has A Pet — With A Very Cute Name

Why are we doing this? I kind of thought Lisette was going to take this cat. I think of Carrie as a non-pet person like me. Why is this happening? (Naming the cat Shoe is very cute though.) — Erin

I very clearly remember when Che handed her the cat, I thought: “Carrie can’t take care of a cat!” But so far, so good, I guess? — Marina

I’m here in defense of Shoe. She’s so cute and I was pleasantly surprised to see her in Carrie’s possession after some confusion about the ownership. Carrie of the “And Just Like That” universe is so much less selfish than the character from the original series; I think pet ownership suits her now! — Lydia

The first episode of this season gave us Carrie cooking, so it seems fitting that we have Carrie as a pet owner now, too — a far cry from the Carrie that couldn’t keep a houseplant alive in the original series! Shoe is too cute, though, so I’m here for her — especially since Miranda’s cat Fatty likely crossed the rainbow bridge some time ago. — Curtis

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This 'AJLT' Scene Was One Of The Best Of The Series So Far

I’m so glad this conversation happened. The scene was one of the best written scenes of the series. I absolutely adore Steve, so I felt like he definitely deserved some closure with Miranda — and as audiences, we needed it too. I got very emotional watching these two talk about their relationship, especially when Steve says, "I was right about us for a very long time." Whew, waterworks over here. — Erin

Wonderful scene, no notes. Justice for Steve. — Marina

This was a beautiful scene that allayed some of my ongoing frustrations with their story. I’ve felt for a long time that this series did a disservice to viewers by breaking these two up. So much of the original series and first film revolved around the question of whether they belonged together, and when they both show up on the Brooklyn Bridge at the end of the movie, we had our answer: Steve and Miranda are endgame. Sometimes you just want your characters’ lives to be tied up in a pretty bow at the end. I think Miranda asking Steve for friendship in this episode, along with Steve essentially saying their separation doesn’t mean their marriage was a mistake, honored the original conclusion about their relationship. — Lydia
Such a heartfelt moment. I loved the closure and that Brady was also able to catch a glimpse of it. — Taiyler

What a poignant, wistful moment. Steve and Miranda were the best couple to emerge from the original series, hands down, so their breakup is still a bummer. Still, after all that’s gone down in the past two seasons, I’m relieved that we’re not seeing them make an implausible decision to get back together now. It felt like the start of a new, hopeful chapter for these two, and I was glad to see Brady witness it. — Curtis

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There Was One Thing Missing From The Samantha-Carrie Call On 'AJLT'

At last, Samantha Jones is back. We’ve been waiting all season for this moment. I definitely had a thought the other night that she literally might just say hi and bye on the phone with Carrie. But I gotta say, I kind of think this was the most appropriate amount of time the writers — and Kim Cattrall — could have spent on this moment. So I was satisfied with the call. But, I gasped when after the call, Carrie was talking to her cat (we’ll get to that later) and said, “That’s enough drama for the day.” That was definitely referring to Cattrall directly, right? — Erin

Erin, I gotta rewatch this now!!!

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this scene. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this cameo, and I think everyone involved really pulled it off as best as they possibly could, given the, uh, logistics. It contained some nice callbacks to the original series and the first movie. I’m also really relieved they put it at the very beginning, because otherwise we’d have spent the entire episode wondering: “Where is Samantha Jones?!”

Given the real-life drama between the actors, what I’m about to say is unresolvable, but it was pretty unrealistic for Samantha to not just get on the next flight to New York. It reminded me of a similar moment in the first season: Samantha sent Carrie flowers instead of showing up to Big’s funeral, which never would have happened. As soon as she heard, our girl would have been on the first flight from London! One thing Samantha Jones will always do: show up for her friends! When Carrie moved in the first movie, she showed up with two bottles of Champagne, and the four of them spent several days packing up Carrie’s apartment together (and we got that great montage of Carrie’s outfits over the years). But again, I get that this was probably the best way for this to make sense under the circ*mstances. — Marina

The way I SCREAMED when the Samantha scene was at the top of the episode. I really wasn’t ready for it so early. I naïvely thought the interaction would be more consequential for the story or move the plot forward in some way. Once it was over, I couldn’t help but wonder, “What was the point?”

I also wish we’d gotten some more storytelling in the lead-up to this about how Carrie and Samantha mended their rift. I guess we can connect the dots that they worked things out when Carrie was in Paris at the end of last season, but I don’t like having to fill in so many gaps myself. — Lydia

Samantha’s appearance was 74 seconds of perfection, as far as I’m concerned, and I’ve already rewatched it about 25 times, possibly more. Given the way the actors and writers tried to downplay it in the media after news that Kim Cattrall had filmed the scene leaked, it actually turned out to be a bit more substantial than I was expecting. Loved the Annabelle Bronstein throwback, loved the outfit, loved the bag, loved the sweet kiss at the end. Loved it, loved it, loved it.

Of course, there was no denying that this scene was fan service, pure and simple. I, too, was hopeful it would tie into the overall storyline of the episode in a more significant way. Imagine, for instance, how much more profound it would’ve been if Samantha had called Carrie immediately after … whatever that was that was supposed to have happened with Aidan at the end (more on that later). I realize this is probably too optimistic, but I’d like to think of this as an olive branch that will set the stage for Kim to pop in every so often later on in the series. But if this is, truly, Samantha’s final send-off, I’ll be satisfied. — Curtis


Here's Where We Left Off Last Week


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