Dutch Spice Mix (AKA Speculaaskruiden) - Easy Homemade Recipe (2024)

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This traditional Dutch Spice Mix Recipe (aka speculaaskruiden or speculaas spices) is so easy to make using ingredients that you probably already have in your store cupboard (if you bake regularly). And with a batch of this on hand, you are set to go with a staple spice mix that is used in many popular Dutch sweet baking recipes.

Dutch Spice Mix (AKA Speculaaskruiden) - Easy Homemade Recipe (1)
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A few years ago I shared a recipe for Dutch Pepernoten (mini Dutch spiced cookies) and I promised the recipe for the spice mix would follow.

It is only when I went to make a new spice mix-up ready for all the popular Dutch baking recipes that feature during this time of year (pepernoten, speculaas, etc) that I realised I had not shared it with you guys.

Where To Buy Dutch Speculaas Spices

Here in the Netherlands, you can easily buy this blend of spices in the Supermarkets but elsewhere you need to either purchase it at a specialist shop or buy it online.

Dutch Spice Mix (AKA Speculaaskruiden) - Easy Homemade Recipe (2)

Dutch Speculaas Spice Mix Recipe

Cuisine: Dutch

Keyword: dutch, spices

Prep Time: 10 minutes minutes

Cook Time: 0 minutes minutes

Servings: 3 Small Jars

Calories: 100kcal

Author: Sam Franklin

This is an easy recipe to make a blend of spices that is frequently used in many traditional Dutch baking recipes such as Speculaas, Pepernoten, Kruidnoten to name but a few.

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  • Air Tight Spice Jars


  • 10 tbsp Cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp Nutmeg
  • 2 tbsp Ground Cloves
  • 1 tbsp Ground Ginger
  • ½ tbsp Ground Cardamom


  • Prepare airtight spice jars by cleaning them and adding labels.

  • In a large bowl simply measure out all the spices and mix.

  • Divide the spice mix between the spice jars and seal.


The amounts shown in this recipe make enough spice mix to fill 3 small spice pots.

There are many versions of this recipe here in the Netherlands and many bakeries have there own secret recipies.

This basic recipe can also be adapted to suit your own personal taste.

For example, if you are not so keen on cardamom then just leave it out or you really love ginger then you can simply increase the amount you put in.


Another optional ingredient that you often see is white pepper. I didn’t use this in my mix but if you want to spice it up a bit then you can add half a tablespoon to give it a bit of bite.


Calories: 100kcal

Dutch Spice Mix (AKA Speculaaskruiden) - Easy Homemade Recipe (3)

What To Bake With Your Dutch Spice Mix

Now that you have the basic recipe for this why not try making my traditional Dutch Pepernoten Recipe (Mini Spice Cookies)?This recipe is so easy and a lot of fun to make with the kids as their little fingers are perfect for rolling all the little round dough balls.

Dutch Spice Mix (AKA Speculaaskruiden) - Easy Homemade Recipe (4)

The kids here in the Netherlands go mad for them and eat them by the bucket load.

This is usually leading up to Sinterklaas (the Dutch Father Christmas) arriving in the country on his steamboat from Spain (this year it falls on the 16th of November) to when he brings them gifts on pakjesavond (present evening) which is on the 5th of December.

Once Sinterklaas has arrived in the land the kids are allowed to put their shoes out by the fireplace every Saturday night until pakjesavond.If they have been good the shoes will be filled with pepernoten and small gifts.

And Honestly, these are so yummy you will totally understand why the Dutch kids go crazy for them.

More Dutch Recipes …

In the Netherlands, another base ingredient that is used in many Dutch recipes is Amandelspjis (Almond Paste). This can be used to make many cookies, cakes, pastries, and dessert recipes. Here is a recipe to make a delicious homemade version

Dutch Spice Mix (AKA Speculaaskruiden) - Easy Homemade Recipe (5)

Another Dutch recipe that is great for kids and a total crowd-pleaser for parties and fetes is my Traditional Dutch Poffertjes Recipe. Not only are they easy to make but the topping combination ideas are endless.

And of course, if we are talking about recipes from the Netherlands then we can’t forget the classic Dutch Apple Piewhich is often served in cafes and during birthday celebrations, and the Gevulde Koek (Ductch almond Cookie) which is a real National favourite.

Dutch Spice Mix (AKA Speculaaskruiden) - Easy Homemade Recipe (7)

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Dutch Spice Mix (AKA Speculaaskruiden) - Easy Homemade Recipe (2024)
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