Essential Oil Perfume Blends: 9 Decadent Perfume Recipes (2024)

Essential Oil Perfume Blends: 9 Decadent Perfume Recipes

These essential oil perfume blends spell out exactly what essential oils make good perfume. So you don’t waste a single drop!

Do you have trouble finding a perfume scent that feels like you? Or do you like mixing it up – matching your fragrance to your mood?

Make your own! With less than a handful of ingredients, you can craft a one-of-a-kind fragrance and save oodles of money compared to name-brand perfumes.

Essential oil perfumes are fairly simple to make and completely customizable. I love making my own perfume so much that I even make hair perfume spray! I swear the scent stays for days!!

And if you are looking for an alternative to store-bought perfumes with “iffy” ingredients, you’ll find these natural essential oil perfume recipes are just the thing!

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What Essential Oils Make A Good Perfume?

When deciding what essential oils make a good perfume, honestly, any essential oil is fair game. But, the best perfumes are crafted with top, middle, and base perfume notes. Not only does this make a perfume more appealing, but it also lasts longer.

Find a free printable perfume notes chart in the Oily Chic Library.


Perfume top notes are the “head” of the perfume. It’s the first fragrance your nose picks up but also the first note to fade. Citrus scents are the most common top notes, but other herbal, spicy, and floral notes also make their way into this tier.

Examples include:








Top notes ideally make up 30 percent of an essential oil perfume blend. And they last about half an hour on your skin before they fade.


The middle note of a perfume recipe is the “heart” of the fragrance. It’s the second scent that hits your senses and lasts longer than the top note. These typically include heavier floral and herbal scents.

Examples include:






Ylang Ylang


Middle notes account for the most significant portion of the perfume at 50 percent. They are known to last two to three hours after application.


Perfume base notes are referred to as the “legs” of a perfume blend. They are the last scent you’ll pick up and the last scent you’ll smell at the end of the day. Base notes are often rich, deep, and musky.

Examples include:








Base notes should make up 20 percent of your perfume recipe. And you can expect them to last all day!

Do keep in mind some scents overlap between not levels. These dual-note essential oils give us more flexibility when designing a fragrance of your own.

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What scents smell best together?

The next step to crafting an incredible essential oil perfume blend is understanding what scents smell best together. It’s a fact some essential oils will not blend well with others. And no one wants to waste essential oils on a perfume that isn’t pleasing to the senses.

So, it’s important to go the extra step and reference your perfume note choices to a blending wheel of aroma categories. You can print a blending wheel from the Oily Chic Library as well for quick reference. To give you an idea, here’s an example of aroma categories.

Essential Oil Aroma Category Examples:

  • Citrus Aromas: bergamot, sweet orange, verbena, and lemongrass
  • Herbal Aromas: fennel, spearmint, angelica, and clary sage
  • Woodland Aromas: cedarwood, juniper, eucalyptus, and pine
  • Floral Aromas: Roman chamomile, jasmine, and neroli
  • Exotic Aromas: ylang-ylang, sandalwood, and vetiver
  • Resin Aromas: frankincense, balsam fir needle, and myrrh
  • Spice Aromas: clove, nutmeg, ginger, and cardamom

Combining essential oils into a perfume blend takes a little trial and error. And it’s O.K. to break the rules. Plus, there’s definitely something to be said for a perfume customized to your likes, wants, and needs.

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So, How Do You Make A Perfume Recipe Using Essential Oils?

There are many ways to make a perfume with essential oils. I like to keep things simple with as few ingredients as possible. You’ll find each of these perfume blends includes a top, middle, and base note. And result in a decadent fragrance comparable to store-bought perfumes.

Each is designed for a 10 ml bottle. So you can apply them with a roller bottle or a mist bottle. For larger bottles, such as 30ml bottles, triple the recipe, and so on.

9 Decadent Essential Oil Perfume Blends

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Immerse yourself in the enchantment of moonlit evenings with the seductive allure of jasmine. This perfume blend recipe, infused with sandalwood and a touch of fennel, captures the essence of romantic nights under the stars.

15 drops jasmine essential oil

10 drops sandalwood essential oil

5 drops fennel essential oil

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A fragrance as unique as you are. This blend of juniper, clove, and orange evokes a sense of individuality and self-expression. Wear it and let your true self shine through.

12 drops juniper essential oil

10 drops clove essential oil

4 drops orange essential oil

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Brace yourself for a whirlwind of sensuality with this hurricane perfume blend. The harmonious fusion of sandalwood, vanilla, and lime creates an invigorating and alluring tempestuous aroma.

10 drops sandalwood essential oil

15 drops vanilla essential oil

5 drops lime essential oil

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Life is full of unexpected beauty, just like this exquisite perfume recipe. Lavender, ylang-ylang, and a hint of orange create a scent that’s a serendipitous journey of aromas reminiscent of chance encounters and delightful surprises.

16 drops lavender essential oil

8 drops ylang ylang essential oil

4 drops orange essential oil

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Elevate your senses to new heights with this heavenly essential oil perfume. Angelica, cypress, and spearmint combine to create an aroma that feels like a blissful journey among the clouds.

7 drops angelica essential oil

16 drops cypress essential oil

5 drops spearmint essential oil

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Be bold, be confident, be sassy! This perfume blend, featuring grapefruit, geranium, and ginger, celebrates your vivacious spirit. It’s the perfect companion for those who dare to stand out.

4 drops grapefruit essential oil

14 drops geranium essential oil

6 drops ginger essential oil

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Channel the timeless charm and elegance of Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman” with this perfume. Neroli, tangerine, and jasmine blend together to create a scent that’s as captivating as a Hollywood love story.

16 drops neroli essential oil

4 drops tangerine essential oil

8 drops jasmine essential oil

Essential Oil Perfume Blends: 9 Decadent Perfume Recipes (11)


Embrace a sense of renewal and transformation with this exquisite perfume blend recipe. Bergamot, geranium, and vetiver come together to create an aroma that’s a testament to life’s continual evolution.

16 drops bergamot essential oil

8 drops geranium essential oil

4 drops vetiver essential oil

Essential Oil Perfume Blends: 9 Decadent Perfume Recipes (12)


Feel the earth beneath your feet and the serenity of nature with this grounding perfume. Lavender, vetiver, and basil combine to create a scent as comforting as walking barefoot on a warm, sun-kissed path.

16 drops lavender essential oil

10 drops vetiver essential oil

4 drops basil essential oil

These essential oil perfume blends are more than just scents; they’re expressions of your unique personality and the emotions you want to evoke. Wear them with confidence, and let them inspire your journey each day.

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Get this printable and more essential oil resources in the Oily Chic Library!

How to Make Essential Oil Perfume:

Choose from these essential oil perfume blends or craft your own using our aroma category guide and perfume notes chart. Then, add it to the base perfume recipe below.

Use a 10 ml bottle or larger. Just aim for a total of 25 to 30 drops of essential oil for smaller bottles. And 35 to 50 drops for larger bottles. I love this variety pack of gypsy swirls, geometric, and wooden rollers. Find even more options in the Oily Chic Look Book.

Here’s What You’ll Need:

10 ml Glass Perfume Roller or Bottle

1 Mini Funnel

2 parts Distilled or Purified Water

1 part Witch Hazel

25 to 30 drops of Essential Oils

Perfume Recipe Instructions:

1. Fill a perfume bottle with 1 part witch hazel using a mini funnel.

2. Next, add your essential oil blend from the recipes above. Starting with the base note, then the middle, and lastly, the top note.

3. Finish it off by adding 2 parts of distilled water.

4. Allow the perfume to rest for a week to fully infuse the essential oils before use.

Essential Oil Perfume Blends: 9 Decadent Perfume Recipes (14)

Just a Tip –

Ideally, store your homemade perfume away from direct sunlight. Fill a roller bottle or two and keep one in your handbag and vanity drawer. If you’re gifting a custom perfume, slip them into a linen bag or add a simple tag.

Once you’ve used up your perfume, make it again or try a new recipe from the nine decadent essential oil perfume blends above.


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P.S. Don’t forget the free printable charts above! Tag #oilychic on Instagram to share your essential oil DIYs with us.

Essential Oil Perfume Blends: 9 Decadent Perfume Recipes (2024)
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