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like many others, have experienced numerous close calls with drivers while riding horses on the road. Katie had to be put to sleep on the road side because of dangerous driver and was told that there was no law for the police to act on. She had a broken leg and left lying on the road. The lack of legal protection for horse riders is alarming and has led to tragic consequences. Too many horses and riders are injured or killed on our roads every year, often without any repercussions for the drivers involved. We are told by police that no law has been broken and therefore no action can be taken. This must change.The advice in Highway Code section 215 needs to be made into law. It advises passing horses at under 10 mph and wide as possible,guidelines that if followed could save lives. Currently, charges such as dangerous driving or careless driving only seem to apply after a tragedy has occurred - this is too late.


On Sunday 2 nd April 2023 I went out for a carriage drive with Katie our Welsh pony, Ellie my friend rode Billy our Welsh cob. We decided that we would avoid Lon Ffoslas as a pony and carriage had been hit there only days earlier causing serious damage and injuries to pony, occupants and carriage.Better safe than sorry supposedly we hi-VIZ to the hilt with three sets of lights on rear of carriag lights on Billy being ridden behind us. Ellie always wears a signalling light vest and we have three cameras covering traffic approaching from front or behind us. Both ponies are experienced, traffic safe (as safe as any pony can be) with over 700 road driven miles for 15 year old Katie and 1000 ridden miles for 19 year old Billy as they are not spring chickens,just like me. They are my life, my legs, my confidence but most of all my friends and part of my family, I adore them. Billy and Katie were happy to be going out again as its been a long wet winter and they have been rested with only the occasional outing to get them ready for today as it’s our first day of a new rideout competition to create confidence as well as encouraging others to spend time with their ponies and friends. We left the yard just after noon with Sandra seeing us out onto the road as ever, Katie couldn’t wait she was pawing the ground in anticipation of Sandra’s signal that it was clear and she could head on out. Before we had gone around the first bend I had to wave an oncoming motorist to slow down Then approaching the turn for Capel Teilo Road we had a black car overtake us whilst another car was oncoming. This was all in full view of hazard signs warning of sharp bend and to slow down, this area has seen fatalities in the past. It beggars belief. To be honest I no longer care if motorists put themselves at risk but sadly that is hardly ever the outcome, it is more usually onlookers, innocent fellow road users that pay the price for others haste, lack of care or lack of common sense. We seem to live in a selfish society.There is hardly any concern for vulnerable road users.Continuing up towards the washery, ponies were happy and forward going , Ellie and I actually commented on it, how lovely it was to be out with them. It seemed like a lovely day for a ride and drive together.In the distance we could hear a motorbike approaching from behind us, so decided to trot on to the washery so as to pull in and let the rider pass safely. The motorcyclist was brilliant, kept well back,waited until we were safely pulled in before slowly passing us and waving thanks. He regained speed once well passed us. It was very refreshing motorcyclists are often excellent though. PSo back on the road we trotted and walked, had a few cars pass us from either direction with no problems. Approached the top of a hill had a few cars pass us before approaching mudlescwm dip ( a bendnasty camber, working farm gateway and hill all together) when we became aware of a vehicle coming down the hill behind us its brakes screeching spooking Billy and Katie, we calmed them back to a walk and I turned to see what the vehicle was expecting it to be a lorry and waiting for air Brakes but it was a white bee hire lwb Mercedes sprinter van. The driver was keeping back at this point but was revving, you could hear and feel his intention was to speed past as soon as possible, so I said to Ellie to signal left that we intended to pull into Mudlescwm gateway thinking it would be safer for us. We both indicated left with our arms. I then took up my reins with my driving hand and proceeded to walk/jog Katie to pull in but as I turned her the driver seized his opportunity to get passed and noisily increased speed so as to get up the hill and to also get passed us before the oncoming car was on top of him as he had misjudged his pulling out and an oncoming car was

coming over the brow of the hill.

If only he had waited, if only he had been patient, why were we not worthy of two seconds of his

time, why, why ,why.

Sadly Katie was scared by his passing at speed and so close to her, she bolted, it sounded like he was coming at us from her point of view and she needed to get away.How I wish I managed to stop her or pulled her into the wall but it happened so quickly, how I wish it was me that broke a leg, I would mend but not so for my Katie, it meant death for her. I’m sorry Ididn’t pull harder, I’m sorry I was being considerate and pulling in to allow traffic to pass us, I’m sorry I decided to go that route, I’m sorry I decided to go out, I’m just so very sorry and these decisions have cost Katie her life, Billy has lost his partner, Sandra and I have lost a perfect little friend our ‘pocket rocket’. I’m also so sorry my 15 year old friend Ellie had to witness this, she should never have seen such an awful thing or have been put in this sort of situation.

Thank you to everyone who helped especially the man who immediately stopped, gave help and

then a witness statement if only everyone was like you.

Thank you to Sandra my best friend who immediately came to my rescue, we are both owner/carers

to all our animals and I know how much this has hurt her, I’m so sorry Sandra.

Our neighbours came as soon as asked, thank you Emma, Rhiannon and David.

The vet, emergency services were very professional, caring and considerate. To the paramedic ladies

I’m sorry for your distress on seeing this, humans in bad situations you are taught to handle but not

a defenceless animal.

I know you were all worried for me and I apologise for being awkward but there was no way I was

leaving Katie to face her end without me, even though you were all very kind and considerate. Thank

you is really not enough but thank you.

Now to those who since this accident have said that if I want to ride out or carriage drive I should

choose quieter roads, well No we have the right to law abidingly be on the roads, our yard is one

mile along this road, we had not even reached the first available bridleway or quiet lane. It is not

about how quiet roads are its about respect, care, patience, and abiding by simple guidelines set out

in the Highway code.

Pass wide and slow

Do not pull away at speed

Be prepared to stop

Wait until it is safe to pass

Why is this so difficult for some motorists to understand or do????

I’m sorry yet again but its about time we were included and allowed safe ro

the law and let us have the right to access cycle paths in the same way as cyclists can access our

bridleways, we just want the chance to share roads safely. WE MATTER TOO

We need equestrian access plans for Carmarthenshire, Wales or better still the whole UK.

Please don’t let someone else’s pony go through what Katie did, she deserved so much better.

Katie, I will always miss you, you taking yourself for walks when we first had you, the love you

love you so very much xxxThe Pass Wide & Slow group have been contacted by countless individuals who have lost their beloved animals due to reckless driving on our roads; it's time we take action so no more lives are lost needlessly.By making the advice in section 215 of the Highway Code into law, we can provide much-needed protection for horse riders across the country and hold reckless drivers accountable for their actions before it's too late.Please sign this petition today and help us make our roads safer for all users, including those of us on horseback.

Help the larger cause · Acquisition  de la réplique du trône de Bokassa par la République Centrafricaine · (2024)
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